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Raising and enhancing volcanic risk awareness among children at schools - Project with young students (7 and 10 years old)

The present activities are undertaken by UGR partner in collaboration with INGV-CT, INGV-OV, University of La Laguna and University of Colima. For this purpose, UGR has selected some elementary schools in different places in Spain, Italy and Mexico :

With the younger students (7 years old) a drawing session was performed. Children were asked “What it is for you a volcano ? Please draw it.”

In the drawing procedure we permitted that the 7 years old pupils could write their name in the drawing since all of them will be part of a poster that will be disseminated in several places, including their school.

With older kids (10 years old) a very simple questionnaire has been presented :

  • “What it is for you a volcano ? ;
  • How a volcano is generated ? ;
  • Do you consider a volcano as dangerous ? ;
  • Do you believe that an eruption can occur in whatever place ? ;
  • Do you know a name of a volcano ; How a volcanologist work ?”.

Additionally children were asked to draw a volcano. UGR is analyzing the answers. This questionary was anonymous since the objective is to evaluate the basic knowledge and not to compare the level of the pupils.
As a third stage UGR selected from them a subset of 16 students from the different schools for the city of Granada. With these pupils, they prepared special activities together with the Science Museum of Granada “Parque de las Ciencias”.

These activities are diverse such as simple eruptive models, use of computers and web-links to know about volcanoes, make an interview of some researchers that work with volcanoes, watch some videos and get some information on MEDSUV project : general description, experiments planned and videoconferences with the researchers. These activities were achieved in May, 2014 (days 13, 14, 20 and 21). This experience will be performed in the other places in a near future.

With the analysis of the answers and the draws UGR will prepare several conclusions in order to improve the transmission of the volcanic hazard and theatre to the society, including the importance and the results of MED-SUV project.

All drawings done in the schools of Granada are available here.

CONTACT : Jesús M. Ibáñez, University of Granada

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