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Spatiotemporal analysis and interpretation of 1993-2013 ground deformation at Campi Flegrei, Italy, observed by advanced DInSAR

Researchers from four centers [UNIWO, NRCAN/UNIWO, CSIC, ULeeds] have applied the Multidimensional SBAS (MSBAS) Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) technique (Samsonov and d’Oreye, 2012) to obtain vertical and horizontal components of ground deformation for Campi Flegrei at high spatial and temporal resolution that span, for the first time, twenty years.

The area underwent continuous subsidence from 1993 through 1999 (Samsonov et al., 2014). Moderate uplift began in 2010 and substantially increased through 2012, reaching approximately 13 cm by 2013.

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Figure1 : MSBAS results, 1993-2013. a) 381 Vertical cumulative component of deformation in cm, 1993-2013 ; b) east-west cumulative component of deformation in cm, 1992-2013 ; c) time series of vertical and east-west components shown in (a) and (b) at location of maximum subsidence, identified with the green circle. The reference location for MSBAS processing is located at 4532380.5, 4335351.2 (14.232N, 40.94E).

We have modelled the observed deformation to determine source parameters for subsidence and uplift epochs using the methodology by Camacho et al. (2011). Both the inflation and deflation mechanisms involve large, extended sources in a layered hydrothermal system whose location is controlled by the caldera structure and stratigraphy. The temporal resolution of MSBAS is comparable to continuous GPS time series, with superior precision and spatial resolution, making it an excellent alternative for volcano monitoring. See Figures 2 and 3 as a way of example.

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Figure 2 : Top line : Observed vertical displacement rate in the vertical direction (left), cm/yr, for the period, 2007-2013 ; modelled vertical displacement rate from inversion (center) ; and residual of observed and modelled displacements (right). Bottom line : Observed EW displacement rate (left), cm/yr, 2007-2013 ; modelled EW displacement from inversion (center) ; and residual of observed and modelled displacements (right).
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Figure3 : Source location, depth and shape for deflation period of 2007-2013. (a) Three-dimensional perspective ; (b) map view of source below Campi Flegrei caldera ; (c) EW vertical profile ; (d) NS vertical profile.

An updating of this work will be done in cooperation with INGV-OV doing a joint interpretation of the A-DInSAR results together with gravity, GNSS, tilt, etc… observations carried out during the same time period.

Work presented in EGU2014 Supersites session, EGU2014-13945 abstract

Authors : Kristy Tiampo (1), Sergey Samsonov (2), Pablo González (1), Jose Fernández (3), and Antonio Camacho (3)
(1) University of Western Ontario, Department of Earth Sciences, London, Canada, (2) Natural Resources Canada, 588 Booth
Street, Ottawa, ON K1A0Y7, Canada, (3) Instituto de Geociencias (CSIC, UCM), Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas, Plaza de
Ciencias 3, 28040-Madrid, Spain

Contact : Jose Fernández (jft[at]@mat.ucm.es)


Camacho, A. G., P. J. González, J. Fernández, and G. Berrino (2011), Simultaneous inversion of surface deformation and gravity changes by means of extended bodies with a free geometry : Application to deforming calderas, J. Geophys. Res., 116, B10401, doi:10.1029/2010JB008165.

Samsonov, S. and d’Oreye, N. (2012), Multidimensional time series analysis of ground deformation from multiple InSAR data sets applied to Virunga Volcanic Province, Geophysical Journal International, 191, 1095-1108, doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2012.05669.x.

Samsonov, S.V., Tiampo, K.F., Camacho, A.G., Fernández, J., González, P.J., 2014. Spatiotemporal analysis and interpretation of 1993-2013 ground deformation at Campi Flegrei, Italy, observed by advanced DInSAR. Geophysical Research Letters (SUBMITTED)

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