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GEO X Exhibition, Geneva2014 : SUPERSITE projects and EPOS stand

Between 13 and 17 January 2014, MED-SUV project took part to the GEO-X Plenary Session and 2014 GEO Geneva Ministerial Summit that were held in Geneva (Switzerland).

The participation of MED-SUV and of the other two supersite projects – MARsite and FUTUREVOLC– aimed at showing the GEO community the commitment of the project activities in the framework of the EU Commission program and principles. MED-SUV, as MARsite and FUTUREVOLC, presented its main focuses, governance structures, activities, and expected results using a poster that was exposed all week long. The three supersite posters where included in the EPOS stand, so as to remark the coordination role of EPOS that acts as an umbrella under which the three supersite projects meet together. The poster represented a mean through which people from different countries and backgrounds interested could stop, ask for clarifications, and discuss on MED-SUV activities and scientific strategies.


MED-SUV participated actively also to the Plenary Session and the speaker corner activities foreseen in the GEO-X agenda, during which Giuseppe Puglisi, coordinator of MED-SUV, presented a talk on EPOS plan, objectives and future perspectives and a specific official statement about the relevance of the distributed e-infrastructures in achieving the GEO-GEOSS objectives.


Aside the Plenary Session and dissemination activities shared, during the week the three Supersite projects and EPOS had also the opportunity for interacting and discussing some internal political and strategic issues during a teleconference.

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