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Kick-off meeting

view of Naples with Mt Vesuvius

The Kick-Off meeting of the MED-SUV was held in Naples (Italy) on 3 and 4 July 2013, representing one of the two Supersites on the focus of the Project. In particular, the meeting was held in the current INGV-OV place on 3 July and in the Old Observatory, sited on the Vesuvius flank, on 4 July.

The Kick-Off meeting aimed to officially opening the MED-SUV Project activity after the starting date of 1 June 2013. As first meeting of the MED-SUV Consortium, the Coordinator G. Puglisi introduced the overall context in which the conception of MED-SUV and the other two Supersite Projects, FUTUREVOLC and MARsite, has developed, as well as the relationship between MED-SUV and EPOS (European Plate Observing System) project (talk of M. Cocco, Coordinator of EPOS).

Indeed, during the meeting the Coordinator remarked the main objectives of the Project and the relevance of MED-SUV achievements in the framework of a broad project such as EPOS and in the implementation of the European contribution to the GEO (Group on Earth Observations) initiative on Supersites.

Following the presentation of the key goals of MED-SUV, the Kick-Off meeting was scheduled in eight session one for each of the eight Work Packages (WPs) of the Project. Each session consisted in talks concerning the main objectives, methods, and the expected results of each WP Task.

The Kick-Off meeting comprised two General Assembly, on 3 and 4 July respectively, and an Executive Committee (on 3 July) meetings.

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