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Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei caldera is a nested, complex, resurgent structure undergoing unrest usually dominated by magmatic-hydrothermal processes that can escalate toward an eruption. An intimate link, not completely revealed before, relates resurgence patterns and variations in the intense hydrothermal fluid circulation within the very heterogeneous caldera fill (Chiodini et al., 2011).

With respect to the Campi Flegrei, the project will be focused on the dynamics of the caldera, including phenomena such as the continuous gas emissions from the Solfatara and the bradyseism that caused the evacuation of the town of Pozzuoli twice in the last 40 years. The study of these processes can be successfully approached through the integration of in-situ and EO data and the development of models encompassing the dynamics of the geothermal and magmatic systems. This activity will benefit from the results of previous projects of seismic tomography and hazard evaluation, and of the results of the on-going deep drilling project inside the caldera (CFDP-ICDP). Moreover, the expected results of this project include the development of new tools for detecting volcanic anomalies and for assessing the hazard associated with the Campi Flegrei unrest.

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