WP7 : Pilot Phase

The WP7 will be in charge of the Pilot Phase for demonstrating and validating the applicability of the WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 project outcomes to other European volcanoes and Observatories. Besides Italy, several European countries (France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, plus Iceland) do have to face the threat of active volcanoes and eruptions.

Here the project will run the monitoring Pilot Phase as a “European Supersite Demonstrator”, first on the two target volcano laboratories (Etna, C.F./Vesuvius), then on two test sites - Piton de la Fournaise and the Azores volcanic archipelago -which were selected for their high level of risk and the availability of monitoring networks. Like Etna, Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion Island) is as an “open vent”
erupting volcano, while the Azores archipelago hosts several caldera-bearing (CF/Vesuvius-type) dormant volcanoes.

In this WP, the new generation of geo-hazards monitoring/observing systems produced in the previous WPs will be validated for transfer and application. Reciprocally, and for further improvement of the project outcomes, the WP will be in charge to incorporate previous or/and contemporaneous experiences in volcano monitoring and
crisis management conducted in other European countries.

Demonstration and Transfer by WP7 will typically concern all the results/products of general relevance, such as databases format and web access, existing and innovative technological products, integrated systems for ground-based and satellite monitoring, calibrations of sensors/networks, developed numerical models. Such a scientific transfer will also impact the strategies for hazard assessment and communication between volcanologists, authorities and populations.
By the end, these combined activities are aimed at the definition and built up of a new generation of volcanic hazard monitoring/observing systems in Europe.

WP7 will thus have three major goals :

  1. Contribute to defining the operational scenario for the test and validation activities and follow their realization ;
  2. Feed the project with experiences on volcano monitoring and disaster managements carried out in other European countries ;
  3. Demonstrate the applicability of the project results on other European volcanoes.

Tasks list :

  • Task 7.1 : Requirement and design of the operational scenario and experiments, and feed-back with experiences from other European volcanic countries
  • Task 7.2. Mid-term Pilot Phase
  • Task 7.3 : Transfer of outcomes to the other WPs and application to the two volcano test sites (Fournaise and Azores)
  • Task 7.4 : Final Pilot Phase

Deliverables list :

  • D7.1 : Planning of the WP7 activities
  • D7.2 : Mid-Term Pilot Phase
  • D7.3 : Transfer from/to Piton de la Fournaise and Azores
  • D7.4 : Final Pilot Phase
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