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WP6 : Hazard assessment, disaster preparedness and mitigation

The main purpose of WP6 is to show how the improvement of the monitoring system in the Italian Supersite volcanoes may contribute to a better hazard assessment and to bridge the gap between science and the mitigation and preparedness of volcanic disasters. During a phase of unrest, the data collected at the supersite are interpreted in terms of the models developed in WP4 and WP5, and in WP6 they are used to update the short-term hazard assessment.

The format of the scientific output is shaped taking into account the needs of the different stakeholders. The outcomes of this WP will be validated through some joint activities with WP7.

Specific objectives are :

  • development and validation of innovative tools to track the evolution of the hazards (ash fall, pyroclastic and lava flows) during a phase of unrest or immediately after the eruption, at Etna and Campi Flegrei
  • development of innovative procedures to calibrate hazard models with real-time data collected during an eruption
  • development of probabilistic framework to integrate high-quality monitoring data in a probabilistic hazard assessment before the eruption
  • development of Evaluation / Validation process for hazard maps and procedures addressed to end-users, for enhancing risk mitigation strategies and decision-making process
  • development of guidelines to establish the specific role of scientists and decision-makers during a volcanic emergency
  • development of feasible communication protocols between scientists and decision-makers

Tasks list :

  • Task 6.1 : Volcanic Hazard Assessment at Campi Flegrei
  • Task 6.2 : Volcanic Hazard Assessment at Etna volcano
  • Task 6.3 : Capacity building and interaction with decision-makers

Deliverables list :

  • D6.1 : Short-term hazard assessment tool for Etna
  • D6.2 : Short-term hazard assessment tool for Campi Flegrei
  • D6.3 : Preparedness and awareness Guidelines
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