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WP3 : Data Sharing, Integration and Interoperability

This WP has three main objectives :

  • to tune the processing chains of the existing monitoring systems, both EO (Task 3.1) and in-situ (Task 3.2). These activities will be aimed at introducing the existing monitoring systems into the digital infrastructures .
  • to integrate the EO and in-situ data to obtain a “new truly integrated data set” (Task 3.3). Rather than a combination of two or more different data sets produced by EO and in-situ observations, we expect to augment the capability of observing new parameters or improve the measurement spatial and temporal resolutions.For example, the integration of scalar LOS areal continuous InSAR information with the 3D punctual GPS displacement vectors will allow to obtain a continuous 3D displacement field.
  • to implement a new digital infrastructure that allows data interoperability and sharing (Task 3.4). To this aim the supersite digital infrastructure will consider concepts and solutions introduced and adopted by the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI), as well as the standards recognized by the GEO Standard and Interoperability Forum (SIFINSPIRE and GMES. The activities of GEOWOW project will be taken into account through the partners involved in this WP. For data archiving and sharing, the supersite digital infrastructure will also consider the experience and best practices developed by previous relevant projects (e.g., DIVO, ASI-SRV, PREVIEWS).

    The infrastructure will be developed using a Service-oriented approach. The analysis and design phases will address the required services including for instance : Discovery ; Semantic expansion / navigation ; Access ; Visualization / Portrayal / Map, and Processing / Analysis. In this context, added value processing services for exploiting the information contained in low level ESA satellite data will be implemented. The added value products will include integrated parameters and maps obtained merging satellite and in situ data.

Tasks list :

  • Task 3.1 : EO Data processing fine tuning
  • Task 3.2 : In situ data processing
  • Task 3.3 : Data integration
  • Task 3.4 : Multidisciplinary Interoperability Infrastructure

Deliverables list :

  • D3.1 : Guidelines for data fusion, integration and sharing
  • D3.2 : Data integration SW design
  • D3.3 : System and gap Analysis
  • D3.4 : EO data processing and distribution
  • D3.5 : In-situ Data processing and distribution
  • D3.6 : Final release of integration procedures and softwares
  • D3.7 : MED-SUV e-Infrastructure
  • D3.8 : 3D Integrated deformation maps (SW)
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