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WP2 : New Monitoring and Observing Systems

The WP2 is aimed at developing new instruments/monitoring systems devoted to measure new parameters, increase measurement accuracy and precision, increment the spatial/temporal data sampling and reduce the costs of collection of the information. All new data will be collected and stored in accordance with Special Clause
29 and INSPIRE directives. Thanks to the wide spectrum of volcanic phenomena on the cluster of Supersites we will have the opportunity to develop and test the systems in different operative conditions.
The WP is divided into two tasks :

  • Task 2.1 : Remote Sensing
  • Task 2.2 : In-Situ Task

In the framework of the Remote Sensing Task we will implement : (i) a new EO system based on X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors designed for automatically monitoring ground deformations over active volcanoes and (ii) a methodology to explore the potential use of C-band SAR systems in the characterization of volcanic plumes in terms of geophysical parameters.

The In-Situ Task will focus on new, low power consuming and low priced data loggers (GILDA), new in-situ low-cost, high-resolution sensors based on optical Fiber Bragg Grating systems for systematically measuring tri-axial strains and new instruments and sensors to measure the physical and chemical parameters of volcanic
emissions (volcanic plumes and fumaroles) and to monitor the lava flows thermal and spatial evolution.

Deliverables list :

  • D2.1 : Plan and design of WP2 activities
  • D2.2 : Progress Report on the data logger and SAR detection of volcanic plumes
  • D2.3 : NETVIS prototype
  • D2.4 : Terra SAR-X system and FBG prototypes
  • D2.5 : WP2 Final Report
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