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WP1 : Project management

The WP1 is in charge of the overall management of the project, the preparation of the documents for the EC, the definition and the achievement of a consensus on strategic and political issues related to the use andexploitation of the project products, (e.g., Intellectual Property Regulations - IPR), the relationships with thestakeholders and the Advisory Board (AB). The WP1 will also deal with the legal issues, considering the technicalresults achieved in the other WPs.

WP1 will be held by the Management Team, composed of INGV members. The Management Team assists and facilitate the work of the ExC and the Coordinator for executing the decisions of the General Assembly as well as the day-to-day management of the Project

A general valued objective will be to guarantee a smooth decision making process which foresees the involvement of the partners of the project, through the following management bodies : the Executive Committee
(ExC) and the General Assembly (GA).

This WP is composed of two tasks :

  • Task 1.1 : Management issues
  • Taskk 1.2 : Strategic and legal issues

Deliverables list :

  • D1.1 : Quality Plan
  • D1.2 : Data Policy Guidelines
  • D1.3 : Activities VS Expenditures Report
  • D1.4 : Midterm Activities VS Expenditures Report
  • D1.5 : Final Activity Report
  • D1.6 : Strategic and legal deliverables
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