The MED-SUV project

The MED-SUV project proposes the development and implementation of a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the volcanic risk management life-cycle, from the observation to people preparedness, in southern Italy. The infrastructure will rely upon the improvements of the understanding of geophysical processes underlying the volcanic systems of Vesuvius / Campi Flegrei and Mt. Etna. It will also achieve the integration of existing components, such as monitoring systems and data bases, novel sensors for the measurements of volcanic parameters, and tools for data analysis and process modelling.

This project is funded under the call FP7 ENV.2012.6.4-2 : Long-term monitoring experiment in geologically active regions of Europe prone to natural hazards : the Supersite concept. Grant agreement n°308665.

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MED-SUV Final meeting was held in Rome (6-7 April 2016)

It was preceeded by a pre-meeting on the TOMO-ETNA experiment on 5 April.

Please visit the meeting page : here

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Suomi satellite of NOAA (image source NASA)

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